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Baby's Bread was recognized by The Bread Guide as one of Ohio's        "Best of Bread Bakeries/Boulangeries in the USA": 

"Yes, we know, we put 2 bakeries in Ohio, actually, one is a bakery and this one is a home baker that features her bread in pop-up sales or catering to individuals and events (check out how you can order on her website). I was so impressed with her work that I just had to include it on my list.

Yael Levi is not exactly a bakery, she’s a person, a one-woman factory, but I had to bend the rules for her because she creates, simply put, a bread which is a work of art. Not only do these breads look amazing but they have wonderful textures and flavors as well.

Yael uses her own starter that she grows and feeds herself, “just like feeding a toddler” she says and hence the name of the bakery “Baby’s Bread.”
She uses natural leaven which goes with her philosophy of baking
natural, nutritious, and flavorful bread." (2019)

Bread Decorating Ideas and Techniques - Tips from the Expert

Check out Yael's tips on how to make artistic sourdough breads at The Bread Guide, a blog written by Amit Sorek, a baker with more than 20 years of professional baking experience.

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