Inspiration for Baby’s Bread began in 2011, when an old roommate and friend introduced me to sourdough. She, like Master Baker Nancy Silverton, compared feeding sourdough to nursing a toddler. This inspiration, led to the starting and nurturing of a sourdough starter, my Baby, and the making of many real breads. Before long, family and friends, the recipients of my breads, were encouraging me to share my Baby’s Bread with others in the community.


Since the beginning, my Baby has been fed and nurtured with whole grains and organic flours, keeping my sourdough starter robust and lively and ready to produce many varieties of Baby’s Bread. Natural and real is the philosophy that we hold by. Our baked goods are made with as many locally sourced ingredients as possible along with organic flours and natural additions, such as fruit, herbs, and sprouted grains.


We are proud to be making wholesome and real bread that is not only nutritious but also delicious.





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141 Stanbery Ave.

Bexley, OH  43209


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